School Council

Highley School Council

Highley School Council has been set up to enable the pupils to ‘have a voice’ in how our school is run.

Each year group at Highley democratically elects two School Councilors: a boy and a girl.  The School Council meets regularly to share ideas on how to improve our school, discuss any concerns and represent the opinions and suggestions of all the children in each class.

In the Summer Term 2016, the School Council decided that new play equipment was needed.  They discussed ways to store and maintain the equipment, with each class having a designated a box of toys for playtime. With money from the School Council budget and through a generous donation from Highley Parent Fundraising Group, we were able to purchase new equipment, boxes and storage sheds. Children have benefited at playtimes from the much wide range of equipment and activities now available to them.

“It’s good fun for all the children now we have the equipment,” Charlie, Year 2.

“I think it’s a good thing to have equipment because then we don’t get bored,” Josh, Year 3.

“We’ve got better equipment and more options,” KK, Year 6.

Last year, our School Councilors met with the Mayor of Bridgnorth and had the opportunity to discuss his role and how he was elected.

In addition, they met with the local MP, Phillip Dunne who talked about his ambition to become an MP, the electoral process and his role in parliament.

This year we shall be looking at ways of raising funds for the N.S.P.C.C. because they have been into school to talk about keeping safe.

We will soon be thinking of ideas for ‘Red Nose Day’ which we are pleased to say we support every year.

We are currently looking at ways to recycle more in school and making sure our school is litter-free.




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