Our Team at Highley


Acting Headteacher Mrs J Griffiths 

Acting Deputy Headteacher Mrs L Butler



Class Teachers 

Class RG - Mrs L Gould

Class RH - Mrs A Halliwell

Class 1/2K - Mrs Kelly

Class 1/2W - Mrs J Watson

                 - Mrs K Brescianini

Class 3VF - Mrs T Venables

                 - Mrs V Fotheringham

Class 4/5M - Mr G Martinez

Class 4/5B - Mrs L Butler

Class 6W - Mrs A Williams

Class 6D - Mr F Dockerty








School Office

Business Manager - Mrs T Mathers

Office Administrator - Mrs R Stafford

Office Administrator - Miss R Francis


Teaching AssistantsSupport Staff

Mrs J Evans
Mrs F Garbett HLTA
Mrs J Jones
Mrs M Leather
Mrs D Morgan HLTA
Mrs K Powell
Mrs A Robinson
Miss J Watkins HLTA
Mrs A Cook
Mrs T Angus
Mr J Skilton
Miss T Humphries

Mrs K Purdy - Lunchtime Carer
Mrs D Jones - Lunchtime Carer
Mrs S Dalziel - Lunchtime Carer
Miss C Yeomans - Lunchtime Carer
Mrs A Bailey - Lunchtime Carer
Miss K Mitchell - Lunchtime Carer
Mrs T Farley - Lunchtime Carer
Mr B Mansell - Caretaker
Mrs C Griffiths - Cook in Charge
Mrs J Mantle - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs C Walford - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs K Davies - Kitchen Assistant


Mrs S Davies - Cleaner
Mrs C Walford - Cleaner
Mrs A Bailey - Cleaner


Specialist Support Staff

Safeguarding Manager
Sunshine Room Leaders

Mrs M Southall
Mrs M Leather and Mrs J Jones






Cosford Athletics

13 07 2017

Sports Day

07 07 2017

Year 3 Stepping Out Training - The Walk

30 06 2017


Cosford Athletics

21 07 2017

Bulletin 14th July 17

14 07 2017

Dave Tremellen Visit

12 07 2017