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Headteacher Blog

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the new website! I hope that you find this one easier to navigate. We have listened to your opinions about what you would like on a website and have, hopefully, created a site which is much more easy to navigate and is user friendly. 

I also want this to be a 'go to' place for the children; a place where they are able to access their home learning, should they leave their homework books at school, and a place where they can find links to other websites to further enhance their learning.

It is also important for us to share the children's learning, in the form of photographs and even scanned in pieces of learning so that you can quickly see examples of what the children are doing in school. 

Additionally, we will use social media, via this website, to alert you about upcoming events.

If there are any questions or comments about the new website, please do let us know. We value your comments and will try and accommodate requests or suggestions for improvements wherever we are able. 

Have a lovely Tuesday afternoon,


Mrs Blakeman