Highley Community Primary School

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Filename Size Date
Admissions Policy 327.4KB 08/11/2018
Charging and Remissions Policy 308.9KB 08/11/2018
Complaints Policy and Procedure 349.4KB 08/11/2018
Equality Policy 349.3KB 08/11/2018
Equality Statement 179.8KB 08/11/2018
E-safety Policy 362.5KB 08/11/2018
Governing Board Code of Conduct 187.4KB 08/11/2018
Send Information 151.1KB 08/11/2018
On line safety parents and carers check list 204.6KB 08/11/2018
Promoting British Values 255.3KB 08/11/2018
Pupil Premium Grant 18-19.pdf 254.0KB 08/11/2018
Safeguarding-Child-Policy-2018.pdf 687.9KB 16/11/2018
Sports Premium Report September 18.pdf (1) 414.5KB 22/11/2018
Behaviour_Anti-Bullying Policy.pdf 619.7KB 17/01/2019
Social_Media Code of Conduct for Parents.pdf 560.4KB 07/03/2019
SEN_policy_and_information_report.pdf 408.8KB 05/07/2019